How to make Ultrasonic Range Finder

How to make Ultrasonic Range Finder

Here I am going to demonstrate you how to make Ultrasonic Range Finder device using Ultrasonic sensor and Arduino uno.

For making this device we have need these components or devices

  1. Arduino uno
  2. Ultrasonic sensor
  3. Bread board
  4. Leds (1 red, 1 green)
  5. Jumper wire

For installing the code into Arduino development board we need a software or IDE which are called Arduino IDE

Wiring Diagram

wiring diagram

Connect the wiring as shown in figure. After completing wiring then Download the code.

Open the code in IDE then plug the arduino into your computer select the Board and Port (shown in image)

Board and port selection
Board and Port selection

After Selecting the Port click on the Upload symbol (→) for upload the code

Now its time to Testing the device, for tesing the range you have need to open the serial monitor (located in tools) in Arduino IDE for monitoring Ultrasonic sensor Data

if the Distance is greater then 30cm the green led indicate else , if the distance is less then 30cm the red led indicate.

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