How to install raspbian on raspberry pi 3

How to install raspbian on raspberry pi 3

Here i am gona show you How to install raspbian on raspberry pi 3, For installing Raspbian on Raspberry pi 3 we need to download the latest Raspbian os from official raspberry pi website Download page

raspbian download
Raspberry Pi Download page| image-raspberrypi

Now click on the Raspbian when we click on Raspbian, The download option of Raspbian will appear

raspbian Buster, raspbian os
software | image-raspberrypi

for downloading Raspbian we need to simply click in Download zip on the Raspbian Buster with desktop, then downloading will be start.

after the downloading of Raspbian we need to download SD card flashing tool or writting tool.

For writting SD card we need to download latest version of Balena etcher and install it.

flashing sd card
Image Source – Google|Image by

After instaling the Balena etcher we need to do four steps

  1. Insert the SD card into the Computer.
  2. Select the Raspbian Image or zip
  3. Select the drive of SD card
  4. Then flash the Drive

After the complete flashing Insert the SD card into the Raspberry pi and Boot up and configure.

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