Smart Dustbin using Arduino

Hello Internet people, In this project I will show you how to make a smart dustbin using Arduino Uno. This smart Dustbin have a HC-04 ultrasonic sensor and a servo motor connected with the dustbin lid. The lid of the […]

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Hello Internet people, NVIDIA Recently launch Jetson Nano Developer kit. Its an AI computer Board for makers, learners, and embedded developers. This Jetson Nano Developer Kit is an open source small and powerful on board computer that lets you run multiple […]

How to Install Kali Linux

In this article i am gonna demonstrate you how to install kali linux on your machine. before installation it is very necessary to know about kali linux . What is Kali Linux The kali linux is a debian based Linux […]

How to make Ultrasonic Range Finder

Here I am going to demonstrate you how to make Ultrasonic Range Finder device using Ultrasonic sensor and Arduino uno. For making this device we have need these components or devices Arduino uno Ultrasonic sensor Bread board Leds (1 red, […]